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Am. Family Physician - Terminally Ill Patient in Denial
Article discusses the challenges of denial mechanisms in end-of-life care and suggests that doctors respect each patient's process of dying.
America - The Symbolic Language of the Dying
FindArticles feature dated October 1999 explores the psychology of terminally ill patients expressed through Catholic metaphors.
America: Palliative Care or Assisted Suicide?
Feature from the FindArticles collection dated March 1998 explores terminal care assisted suicide cases on the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court.
American Family Physician - End-of-Life Care
March, 1999 article discusses the different methods of home care and makes recommendations.
BMJ - Palliative Care
Provides a definition of palliative care and discusses its need in the healthcare system. Find a clinical review of palliative care practices.
Christian Century - On Our Own Terms
Read a descriptions of Bill Moyers' program on dying and how to deal with it.
Commentary - Dying Made Easy
Dig into the factors that determine how people die depending on their disease and background. Written by Paul R. Mchugh.
Healthfacts - Movement to Change End-of-Life Care
March 1999 article covers the concern of prolonged deaths from lingering illnesses, as well as pain management techniques. From
Hospice: Comforting the Dying Patient
Snippet from the Gerontology Manual details suggestions on easing the dying process. Covers physical, spiritual, and emotional support.
Nursing - Confidence Talking About End-of-Life Care
Read guidelines on preparing to discuss end-of-life care with patients, using effective communication. From
Nursing - Death & Dying
Find a nurse's views on how to assess patients in cases of terminal illness.
Nursing - Death & Dying, December 1999
Offers responses to nurses' questions on issues of death and dying, such as communicating with the terminally ill and patients' last words.
Nursing - Death & Dying, January 2000
Read an expert's response to questions on death and dying regarding widowers, patient silence and what it means, and pain management.
Nursing - Death & Dying, July 2000
Find a clinical specialist's view of how to help families explore their fears about the physical changes in the dying person.
Nursing - Death & Dying, March 2000
Advice on morphine's role as a pain reliever in terminally ill patients and the proper way to inform relatives of a loved one's passing.
Nursing - Death & Dying, May 2000
Read the advice of an expert on care for the terminally ill. Includes such topics as mourning, listening to the patient and condolence gestures.
Nursing - Death & Dying, October 1999
Expert on death and dying answers questions about communicating with patients and handling professional conflict. From
Nursing - Death and Dying, Sept. 2000
Explores a physical therapist's experience assessing patients in cases of terminal illness.
Nursing - End-of-Life Care, Nurses Speak Out
Explores responses in a survey questionnaire covering common barriers, dilemmas, nurses' beliefs and practices of end-of-life care.
Nursing - Insights on Death & Dying
Provides tips on dealing with terminally ill patients in situations when bad news is delivered and treatment is no longer helping.
Nursing - Insights on Death & Dying
Glance at the advice offered by an expert on terminal illness caregiving on subjects like communicating with patients and their families.
Nursing - Insights on Death & Dying, August 1999
Peruse answers to questions on nurse-physician confrontations, repetitive communication and caring for dyspnea in terminally ill patients.
Nursing - Insights on Death & Dying, July 1999
Consult the advice offered in response to questions on avoiding burnout on the job and dealing with abusive patients.
Nursing - Insights on Death & Dying, May 1999
Browse through the responses of a death-and-dying specialist to nurses' questions on nurse conduct, viewing the dead and morphine use.
Nursing - Insights on Death and Dying
Read an experienced nurse's response to questions on issues surrounding terminally ill patients and their families.
Nursing - Insights on Death and Dying, October 1998
Experienced nurse offers advice on helping children deal with death, the proper uses of hospice care and bereavement.
Nursing - Insights on Death and Dying, September 1998
Peruse the advice given on achieving a higher level of communication surrounding pain with patients who have different cultural values.
Nursing - Joe Wanted to Die Alone, or So He Said
Describes how a nurse helped a sailor dying of cancer come to terms with his demise and make peace with his wife before passing on.
Nursing - Learning to Fly
Recounts the lessons learned by both the patient and his nurse as he prepared for his death in a hospice.
Nursing - Other Places to Explore
Describes a nurse's experience bidding farewell to a good friend as she passed on, succumbing to advanced breast cancer.
Nursing - Reflections on Death and Dying
Offers the insights of a specialist, dedicated to caring for patients who are terminally ill, on how to deal with a variety of related issues.
Nursing - Sailing to Brittany
Depicts the trials and tribulations of a nurse and patient as they come to terms with the patient's terminal illness and right to know his fate.
Nursing - Taking a Holistic Approach to the Dying Time
Comprehensive summary of how to comfort a patient's transition to death by creating a peaceful environment for the final days.
Nursing - Your Patient is Undergoing Resuscitation
Explores the issues involved in offering family-witnessed resuscitation as a way of giving loved ones time to see a relative who may not survive.
Sojourners Magazine Article - Close To Home
November 1996 article outlines one person's experience with death, the comfort of strangers, and rationalizing tragedies.
USA Today - Death With Dignity: Choices and Challenges
Write-up from the FindArticles collection dated March 2000 explores the controversy surrounding patients' rights for the terminally ill.
What Does a Dying Person Need?
Article from the Global Idea Bank presents an organized index of various concerns and issues imperative to dying people.
Whole Earth - When Should I Die?
Presents some of the considerations and issues of old age and the increasing life expectancy of many people.

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